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Stay Fit Foods is a community for people who cook with focus on healthy desserts, mains, low carb recipes, and budget items. It was created by Jeannie in 2013 when she realized that there were very few blogs on the internet for people to find really healthy recipes that are easy to make. There are millions, if not billions, of blogs normal food — so why does that stop there?

Since then, they have 4 part time staff that contribute to Stay Fit Foods, and they are always digging up information on what men really want to read about. Since 2013, the reception has been great. We are all very down-to-earth and we write about things that actually matter to you. We’re probably not as huge as other large publications, but we definitely will get there in the next 5 years!



If you want to contribute or want to be part of the team, feel free to contact us. We won’t bite!